M11.5810 Product Details

XY Motorized Measuring Microscope, Binouclar Head Zoom Body


● 0.8x-5.0x 1:6.3 Optical Zoom Lens With Transmit & Reflect LED Ring Light

● X/Y Motorized Stage Large Moving Range 100x100mm Resolution 0.05um

● Full Auto 2D Scan Image Sticthing With Quick & Precise Mode

● 2D Free Area Selection For Full Range Measuring Function

● Electrical Map To Over View Full Object Image, Click To Reach Any Interesting Point

Digital Camera

1″ CMOS, USB3.0, C-Mount, 60FPS@1824×1216, C-Mount


Binocular Head

Binocular Head 45°Inclined, IPD 52-75mm


0.8x-5x Zoom

Zoom Ratio: 1:6.3, With LED Ring Light Source

XY Motorized Working Stage

Motorized Control Moving Range 110x110mm, 2-Phase Stepping Motor, High Precision Module, Aluminum Alloy Material, Surface Anodized, Anti-Corrosion And Scartch-Resistant

2D Map Guide

After scanning and stitching to generate a panoramic image, it can be used as an electronic 2D map for navigation. Click the 2D map to control the motorized stage to quickly locate the specified position for high-magnification observation

2D Measurement

10+ Functions, including length, angle, radius, diameter, free curve length, radius, diameter, arc length, RGB measurement, counting, etc., and a variety of auxiliary lines and reference line tools are provided.

Max Area Measurement

Just use the mouse to specify the measurement range, the software automatically detects the edge of the object and selects the measurement area, you can add or delete measurement areas at will, and measure the largest area of any complex shape by automatic edge recognition instead of manual precise positioning


M11.5810 at Work

Circuit Board Mosaic Diagram


Screw Hole     Circuit Board



M11.5810 Catalogue Download

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