M11.5805 Product Details


XY Motorized Measuring Microscope, Mono Zoom Body


• 0.6x-5.0x 1:8.3 Optical Zoom Lens With LED Ring Light

• X/Y Motorized Stage Large Moving Range 100x100mm Resolution 0.05um

• Full Auto 2D Scan Image Stitching With Quick & Precise Mode

• 2D Free Area Selection For Full Range Measuring Function

• Electrical Map To Over View Full Object Image, Click To Reach Any Interesting Point

MAXCOPE 3D Full Auto Stereo Microscope

The new M11.5805 Research-grade Stereo Microscope has upgraded to XY motorized working stage model, combined with the powerful Maxscope 2D/3D software, which integrates a number of firsts. From appearance to performance, it closely follows the international leading design trend. MAXCOPE will continue to provide customers with complete 3D industrial inspection solutions.

3D Image Comparision XY Motorized Working Stage

Motorized Control Moving Range 110x110mm, 2-Phase Stepping Motor, High Precision Module, Aluminum Alloy Material, Surface Anodized, Anti-Corrosion And Scartch-Resistant


Z Motorized Control

The software controls the Z-axis motorized lift, support professional functions such as manual focus/auto focus/super depth of field fusion, create 3D image for view & measurement

3D Image View

The saved 3D image can be opened at any time, controlled by the mouse to rotate freely, zoom in and out, open the ruler, color identification and other auxiliary tools, which is convenient to visually observe the 2D surface shape and 3D structure of the object from any angle


3D Measurement

3D image also saves all the three-dimensional measurement data of the observed object, and supports any measurement of the observed object later, including the height, depth, length, roughness, convex area, concave area, convex volume, concave volume, etc


M11.5805 at Work



Coin     Circuit Board Double Row Pin
Coin     Circuit Board Double Row Pin



M11.5805 Catalogue Download

M11.5805 Catalogue Download

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