M13.5850 Product Details

Motorized Metallurgical Microscope, BD+PL, XYZ Motorized

● Infinity Plan Semi-APO BD DIC5x10x20x50x100x Objectives With 6 Holes Motor Nosepiece

● X/Y/Z Motorized Stage Large Moving Range 100x100mm Resolution 0.05um

● Full Auto 2D Scan Image Stitching With Quick & Precise Mode

● Upgradeable to 2D Pro & 3D Version Software Enable 3D Image Stitching & Measuring

● USB3.0 20M Cooling Fluorescent Digital Camera With Computer Pre Installed Software

Motorized Nosepiece

Optional motorized nosepiece models, you can select different objective lenses in the software, and switch the magnification with one key

BF/DF Reflect Illumnation

Epi Ilumination System With Iris Diaphragm, Aperature Diaphragm, Both Center Adjustable, With BF/DF Switch, With Polarizer & Analyizer Slot, Filter Slot

Z Motorized Control

The software controls the Z-axis motorized lift, support professional functions such as manual focus/auto focus/super depth of field fusion, create 3D image for view & measurement

XY Motorized Control

Control the motorized stage through software, support one-click set/return to origin point, Long press the mouse and drag in the camera preview window to control the electric platform to move in the corresponding direction

3D Measurement

3D image also saves all the three-dimensional measurement data of the observed object, and supports any measurement of the observed object later, including the height, depth, length, roughness, convex area, concave area, convex volume, concave volume, etc.


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