M13.5820 Product Details

M13.5820 Motorized Metallurgical Microscope, BF+DF+PL, Semi-APO, DIC, XYZ & Nosepiece Motorized

● NIS45 Infinity Plan Semi-APO BD 5x10x, LWD 20x50x100, With 6 Holes Motor Nosepiece, With DIC Slide

● XYZ Motorized Stage 255x210mm, Moving 85x70x42mm Resolution 0.05um

● Transmit & Reflect Reflect 12V100W Halogen Illuminator, With Reflect Polarizer & Analyzer

● Upgradeable to 2D Pro & 3D Version Software Enable 3D Image Stitching & Measuring

● Cooling USB3.0 7M GS Shutter Digital Camera With Computer Pre Installed Maxcope 2D Software

Ergo Tilting Trinocular Head

Eye tube can be adjustable from 0  ° to 35 °,Trinocular tube can be connected to SLR camera and digital camera, having a 3-postion beam splitter(0:100, 100:0,80:20),the splitter bar can be assembled on the either side according to user’s requirement.

Nomarski DIC

With newly designed DIC module, the height difference of a specimen which can not be detected with bright field becomes a relief-like or 3D image. It is ideal for the observation of LCD conducting particles and the surface  scratches  of  hard-disk etc.

Focusing System

In order to make the system suitable for the operating habits  of  the  operators, the  knob of  focusing and  stage can be adjusted to the left-hand side or right-hand side. This design makes the operation comfortable


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