M16.5850 Product Details

Motorized Fluorescent Microscope, BF, XYZ Motorized

● Infinity Plan Semi-APO FL4x10x20x40x100x, Fluorescent B,G,UV

● X/Y/Z Motorized Stage Large Moving Range 100x100mm Resolution 0.05um

● Full Auto 2D Scan Image Stitching With Quick & Precise Mode

● Upgradeable to 2D Pro & 3D Version Software Enable 3D Image Stitching & Measuring

● USB3.0 20M Cooling Fluorescent Digital Camera With Computer Pre Installed Software

Motorized Nosepiece

Optional motorized nosepiece models, you can select different objective lenses in the software, and switch the magnification with one key

Upgrade to Fluorescent Model

6 Holes Disc Fluorescent Illuminator, With Iris Diaphragm, Aperture Diaphragm, Socket For Filter Inserter & Polarizer, With Light Shutter and Light Barrier

MAXCOPE 3D Full Auto Fluorescent Microscope

The new M16.5850 Research-grade Fluorescent Microscope has upgraded to XYZ motorized working stage model, combined with the powerful Maxscope 2D/3D software, which integrates a number of firsts. From appearance to performance, it closely follows the international leading design trend. MAXCOPE will continue to provide customers with complete 3D industrial inspection solutions.

Digital Dimming Illumination

12V100W Halogen Illumination with Iris Diaphragm, With Light Indicator, Digital Dimming System Have Brightness Set & Reset Function

Stitching Optimize

The built-in advanced algorithm can intelligently optimize and correct the grid phenomenon and shadow phenomenon caused by lens aberration, uneven lighting and other factors when scanning and stitching, so that the stitched image will be one high-definition, no offset, no grid, no shadow.


M16.5850 at Work

Image About B Fluorescence Filter


Image About G Fluorescence Filter     Image About B Fluorescence Filter



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