Auto Microscope Slide Scanner

M30 series Auto Microscope Slide Scanner has automatic microscopic scanning platform and software system to scan and seamlessly stitch the traditional glass slide to generate a full field digital slide picture.
It is mainly composed of automatic slides loading system, optical microscope imaging system, motorized scanning platform (working stage), control system and supporting software.

It can scan the panoramic image of traditional glass slides at high speed and high resolution, by taking dozens to thousands photos under high magnification, and stitch them as one large picture with all details of a prepared slide.

Through Professional Maxcope Software, the image file can be zoomed in and out, area measurement and annotation can be carried out, and the panoramic image can be realized by internet remote transmission, browsing. The traditional mode of reading slide under microscope can be upgraded to totally new mode, which is more conducive to the application of image diagnosis, digital teaching and scientific research.

High Speed Scanning
Linear scanning technology, equipped with high speed linear scanning camera. Ensure high speed, high quality and stable scanning imaging. It can perform 20 times and 40 times high speed scanning. The tissue area was 15 mm × 15 mm, and the scanning time of 20 times was less than 40 seconds.

Clear, Bright And Uniform Imaging
Standard 20x plan achromatic objective, N.A. = 0.75. High NA objective lens provides high light flux, improves, the resolution of objective lens, and makes the image clearer. The illumination system adopts customized LED professional light source and compound eye lens technology to ensure ultrahigh light energy utilization and long lasting uniform lighting.

The Most Powerful Slide Scanner, Maxcope M30.5810-360, has an auto slide loader, supports max 360 slides to be scanned at a time at high speed and high magnification. It has 6 holes nosepiece with 6 objectives, has 3 cameras specialized for Bright Field, Black/White, Fluorescent image, etc. according to customer’s need.
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Compact Digital Slide Scanner
M30.1001 has the unique magnetic suction glass plate that ensures the precise positioning of slide carrier, avoids repeated friction during loading and unloading, ensures smooth loading and prevents damage from falling during loading. Upscale maglev linear motor is adopted: running speed is 3.2m/s, acceleration is 8g. High precision full closedloop drive control system: X/Y axis motion resolution 50nm, Z axis motion resolution 50nm. The repeated positioning accuracy of slide carrier is less than 0.1um.
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Scan Samples of Maxcope Slide Scanner

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