M12.5820 Product Details


Motorized Biological Microscope, BF/FL, XYZ+Nosepiece Motorized

● Infinity Plan NIS 4x10x20x40x100x With 6 Holes Motor Nosepiece, Fluorescent B,G,UV,V

● XYZ Motorized Stage 255x210mm, Moving 85x70x42mm Resolution 0.05um

● Full Auto 2D Scan Image Stitching With Quick & Precise Mode

● Upgradeable to 2D Pro & 3D Version Software Enable 3D Image Stitching & Measuring

● USB3.0 7M Cooling Fluorescent Digital Camera With Computer Pre Installed Software

Motorized Working Stage

XYZ Motorized Working Stage, 2-Phase Stepping Motor, High Precision Module, Aluminum Alloy Material, Surface Anodized, Anti-Corrosion And Scratch-Resistant

ECO Function

The transmitted light would be off automatically after 30 minutes from operators leave. It will not only save energy, but also extend the lamp’s life

XY Motorized Control

The XY direction movement of the electric platform is controlled by the software. There are various control methods. You can directly drag the window to move the platform manually, or you can double-click any point of the image,  to move stage to interesting point quickly.

High Speed – Fly Scan Mode

After setting the scanning range of bevel or uneven surface, the software will automatically select 9 acquisition points, automatically focus and record the height respectively, and establish a height model. Then fly scan can move Z axis according to height model and take photos quickly and stitch 2D panoramic scan images at high speed.

Stitching Optimize

The built-in advanced algorithm can intelligently optimize and correct the grid phenomenon and shadow phenomenon caused by lens aberration, uneven lighting and other factors when scanning and stitching, so that the stitched image will be one high-definition, no offset, no grid, no shadow.


M12.5820 at Work

Junge Maus 10x


20x Bright Field     Sunflower Stem



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