M30.5810 Product Details

Full Auto Microscope Slide Scanner

● All-in-One Slide Scan Fully Automatic Scan Function With Computer & Software

● Motorized Nosepiece 6 Holes With Infinity Plan 2x10x20x40x60x100x Objectives (1606)

● X/Y/Z Motorized Working Stage Moving Range 100×100/200mm Resolution 0.2um

● Marco Camera Real Time Electrical Map To Overview & Guide To Any Interesting Point

● 2D Standard Image Stiching Software With Full Range Measuring Function

High-Speed Scan of Ultra High Resolution Images

With a wide field of view, user can set the region of interest for the detected samples, select the best mode, perform panoramic stitching, and obtain the overall picture of the sample for further analysis and measurement. support slide scan 4pc, 30pcs and 360 pcs at a time

X/Y/Z Motorized Control

Resolution 0.2um, High Precision Repeatability 0.1~5um

Glass Slide Width 25-26mm, Length 75-76mm, Thickness 0.8-1.4mmm, Cover Slip Thickness 0.12-0.17mm

USB3.0 Digital Camera

5.0M For Fluorescent, Support Panoramic Image Previewed In Real Time, Extra Large View Field Up to 70x90mm, Resolution 0.2mm

One Click Auto Measurement

Multiple measurement items can be saved as templates, software intelligently matches similar shapes, removes redundant targets or separates overlapping targets, automatically performs unified measurement, counting and analysis for multiple targets by one click

All-in-One Design

Simple your work by plug & play, with software installed computer, start slide scan immediately


M30.5810 at Work

Bright Field


Bright Field     Fluorescent



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